Engineer for Hire

Joe Crow is available for hire as a recording engineer, mixing engineer or assistant engineer at your studio. Joe will put the utmost care and attention into any project he is a part of, with a polite and enthusiastic attitude towards all clients. Testimonials from previous clients can be found here.

£75 per day or £10 per hour

Recording at The Crow’s Nest

The Crow’s Nest, located in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire is a great option for solo artists and bands looking for professional quality recordings at an affordable price. Tracking for up to 4 simultaneous inputs. Professional grade, authentic drum, piano and orchestral MIDI sequencing available. Live drum recording at a number of local studios can also be arranged (rates vary).

£10 per hour

Mixing at The Crow’s Nest

Need a track mixed? Any genre catered for. Joe utilises a plethora of professional plugins to achieve a clear, strong mix. Mix examples can be found here. Joe will work with you until the perfect mix is achieved. Mastering services are also available, bringing your mixes to a commercial level, without sacrificing dynamic range.

£10 per hour

Mastering at The Crow’s Nest

The final step to getting your mixes streaming and download ready. Using industry standard digital mastering software, Joe will add clarity, definition and bring the levels up to CD and radio standard.

£15 per track

- Performance of vocal/bass/guitar parts, vocal editing, MIDI arrangement and recording/mixing tuition services are also available.

- Offers available for E.Ps, albums, multiple services etc. Just ask!

- Please read the terms and conditions before booking.

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